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Description of Existing Solutions3 - This device is for...

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13). Tennis Butler : The tennis butler picks up tennis balls in the same method as the ball hopper. The only difference is that after all the balls have been picked up, the butler can be modified so that the balls are elevated. Then, the side panels can be opened to make it easier to use balls that are in the butler. 14). Ball Collection and Propelling System : One half of the tennis court is modified in such a way so that all balls collect in one specific place. At this place a device is installed that lifts the tennis ball and shoots it to the other side of the court. So, this device does two jobs, it works as a ball retriever as well as a ball machine. The arrows in the picture indicate direction in which the court is slanted. 15). Table Tennis Robot Retriever
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Unformatted text preview: : This device is for collecting table tennis balls, which is not my problem. However, I might be able to use this device and manipulate it so that it works for tennis balls also. This device picks up the table tennis ball and through many gears and rotors, it forces the ball up. Thus, allowing someone to catch the ball when it is in midair. This is easier than bending down to pick up the ball. 16). Slanted Court Boundary : The idea is similar to the slanted court. However, in this design, railings are attached in the way described in the picture. These railings are slanted and force the balls to gather in a general location. For this device, one must place the ball on the railings for the ball to collect in the desired location....
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Description of Existing Solutions3 - This device is for...

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