Chapter 7 Assignment - Shubhodeep Mukherji 3B September 27,...

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Shubhodeep Mukherji 3B September 27, 2010 Chapter 7 Assignment 1). The relationship between the mass media and the President has changed over the past years from Hoover to today. In the Hoover administration, reporters would submit their questions in writing and he responded in writing. Hoover believed that the President should not stand and be “questioned like a chicken thief”. His successor, Franklin D. Roosevelt was different. He made the media his ally. He promised reporters two press conferences a week. He was also the first president to use radio and during the Depression, issued morale boosting talks called the fireside chats. Lyndon Johnson viewed media differently. He accused the media of voting him out of office. Richard Nixon has also been involved with the media throughout his political life. While running as Eisenhower’s vice president in 1952, he used the media to his advantage by saying he accepted a dog, which brought sympathy to him and he was left on the Republican ticket. In 1960, Nixon was again on the media as running for president against John F. Kennedy. Nixon had a poor appearance and was one of the causes that he lost the election. Once president, Nixon used media on his visit to China in 1972 to establish relations between the two countries. This event was very big and opened diplomatic relations between the two countries. Ronald Reagan was influenced by his administration to deal with the media. To prevent Reagan from giving unrehearsed answers, he placed the media at a distance with a helicopter nearby and pretended not to hear the questions. However, Reagan was very concerned with public relations. He used aids to choreograph his public
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Chapter 7 Assignment - Shubhodeep Mukherji 3B September 27,...

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