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ps2 - 0 seconds to reach a building 50 m away Assume the...

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Assignment 2, Phys1112, Spring 2010 Due Monday Feb. 8 Additional Problems: Problem 7 A diver dives off a cliff with a running horizontal speed v 0 . A distance h below the cliff is a ledge that extends a width ` . What is the minimum speed v 0 in order to clear the ledge? Problem 8 When water leaves a hose, the water moves as a projectile, and the shape of the trajectory is clearly visible. Suppose the water leaves a fireman’s hose with a speed of 30 m/s. The fireman adjust the angle of elevation θ of the hose such that the water takes 4
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Unformatted text preview: . 0 seconds to reach a building 50 m away. Assume the end of the hose is at ground level. (a) Find the angle θ . (b) How high above the ground does the water hit the building? (c) What is the speed of the water as it strikes the building. Problem 9 A ship is approaching a fort at a speed v . A canon, at a height h above the water, fires a canon ball with speed v at an angle θ above the horizontal. At what distance D should the canon be fired such that the cannonball hits the front of the ship? 1...
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