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ps4 - the other end the puck has drifted 2cm to the right...

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Assignment 3, Phys1112, Spring 2010 Due Monday Feb. 15 Y & F: 5.15, 5.48, 5.78, 5.114, 5.120 Additional Problems: Problem 6 In the “Human Spinner” carnival ride passengers are pressed against the inside of a rotating cylinger, with the symmetry axis of the cylinder in the vertical direction. When the floor beneath is removed, the passengers are held in place by friction. If the cylinder has radius R , and the coefficient of friction is μ s , what is the minimum number of revolutions per second f needed to keep the passengers suspended? Problem 7 A physics student playing with an air hockey table (frictionless) notices that if she gives the puck a velocity of 4 . 00 m/s along the length of the table (2.00m), by the time it reaches
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Unformatted text preview: the other end, the puck has drifted 2cm to the right, but still has the same velocity along the length. What is the inclination of the table? Problem 8 A ball of mass m is attached to the ceiling by a rope of length L , and swings back and forth as a pendulum. As the rope swings through the vertical, the ball has speed v . What is the tension in the rope at this instant? Problem 9 (Based on a lecture demonstration) A closed chain is in the shape of a circle of radius R and spinning about its center. Every point on the chain has speed v . By examining a small piece of the chain, show that the tension in the chain is T = 1 2 π mv 2 /R where m is the total mass of the chain. 1...
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