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Assignment 7, Phys1112 Spring 2010 Due March 15 Problem 5 A thin horizontal rod with length L and mass M pivots about a vertical axis a distance L/ 3 from one end. A force with constant magnitude F is applied to the other end, and main- tained perpendicular to the rod and the axis of rotation. Calculate the angular acceleration of the rotation of the rod in the horizontal plane. Problem 6 A string is wrapped around the edge of a solid disk of mass m and radius r . The end of the string is then held stationary and the disk allowed to fall with the string unraveling from it, like a yo-yo. (a) What is the tension in the string? (b) What is the acceleration of the center of mass of the disk? Problem 7 A solid disk of radius R is composed of two di±erent materials. For r < R/ 2, the material is one-third as dense as the remaining outer part with
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Unformatted text preview: r &gt; R/ 2. Calculate the moment of inertia about an axis through the center and perpendicular to the disk, expressed solely in terms of the total mass M and radius R . Problem 8 A block is on a horizontal table and attached to a string that passes over a pulley and attached to another mass that hangs over the table and is free to fall. The pulley is a solid disk of radius R . The mass of the disk, the block, and the hanging mass are all the same and equal to m . Assume the force of static friction between the block and the table is small enough so that the block slides and experiences kinetic friction with coecient k . (a) Find the tension in the string on both sides of the pulley. (They are not the same!) (b) What is the acceleration of the hanging mass? 1...
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