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Assignment 8, Phys1112 Spring 2010 Due March 29 Problem 5 A light fexible rope is wrapped several times around a solid cylinder o± mass m and radius R . The cylinder is ±ree to rotate about its central axis without ±riction. A constant F is applied to the rope ±or a distance D . What is the speed o± the end o± the rope? Problem 6 A light wire is wrapped around a hollow drum o± mass M and radius R , which is ±ree to rotate about its central axis. The other end o± the wire is wrapped around another smaller
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Unformatted text preview: disk o radius r and mass m , like a yo-yo, and hangs vertically under the infuence o gravity. Ater the yo-yo has allen a height h , what is its speed? Problem 7 A thin hoop o radius R is hung over a nail at its rim. The hoop is displaced to the side, within the plane o the hoop, by an angle . What is the speed o the bottom rim o the hoop when it returns to its equilibrium position? 1...
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