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Assignment 10, Phys1112 Spring 2010 Due April 12 Problem 6 A ladder is leaning against a wall, with its bottom end making an angle θ with the horizontal foor. The coe±cients o² static ²riction with the wall and foor are μ w and μ f respectively. At what angle θ does the ladder start to slip? Problem 7 Four spherical masses m are located at the corners o² a square with sides o² length d . Let one o² corners be at the origin o² the x - y plane, with the other corners in the ³rst quadrant, i.e. all x,y coordinates o² the other corners are positive. What is the direction
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Unformatted text preview: and magnitude o the gravitational orce on the mass located at ( x, y ) = ( d, d )? Problem 8 Calculate the numerical value o the ratio v moon /v esc where v esc is the usual escape velocity, i.e. velocity required to escape to innity, whereas v is the minimum speed needed at the surace o the earth in order to reach the surace o the moon. ( Keep in mind that once the object is close enough to the moon, the moons gravitational pull will take over.) 1...
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