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Lecture four, feb 4 - Lecture 4, February 4, 2008 I....

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Lecture 4, February 4, 2008 I. History of disease- the Black Death (bubonic plague) a. Black Death: natural and human disaster in medieval Europe. Robert Gottfried. New York: free Press 1983. (professor of history at RU) b. Overview i. Caused by bacillus Yersinia pestis: 1. Killed 30-50% died of black plague in 300 yrs. ii. A disease of rats spread to humans by fleas 1. Can’t be transmitted human to human iii. Rare numanic variety which can be spread through droplets from human to human iv. 3 Pandemics: (world wide but not affecting new world) wiped out large proportions of populations : All died of Black Death 1. 400-500 AD Rome a. Led to demise 2. 1347-1665 Europe –killed 33%-50% of population 3. 1896-1933 Asia a. India where 12 million people died 4. Comes and goes really quick and skips towns c. Bubonic Plague in medieval Europe i. Terrible living conditions and contaminated water 1. Fleas and rats and humans lived together 2. Most people worked as serfs ii. Symptoms 1. Swelling of lymphnoids 2. Acute illness
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3. Fever, chills, divulsions 4. Black spots on skin a. Within 6 days either survived or dead iii. Medieval treatment totally ineffective 1. Priests were doctors 2. Thought it was imbalance of bodily fluids a. Humorous i. Black, yellow, flem 3. Tried to bleed you to restore imbalance a. Leeched all over body b. Further weakened you 4. Made people go diarrhea 5. Burn your spots iv. Modern treatment is streptomycin-cuts mortality to 5% 1. Cheap and widely available 2. If used early enough you will survive d. Transmission of bubonic plague
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Lecture four, feb 4 - Lecture 4, February 4, 2008 I....

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