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1 Midterm Exam #1 Finance 325 September 28, 2010 N a m e : Exam Instructions: This exam should have 6 pages (including this one) and 5 questions. The point value is given for each problem. The entire exam is worth 100 points. You may use a calculator and the provided formula sheet on this exam. You must show your work in order to receive credit for your answers. Partial credit will be given for partially correct answers. If a question asks “Why/Explain”, you should give an explanation that would convince a skeptic. You may use the back of a page if you need additional space to write an answer. Suggestions: Use your time wisely. Move on to another problem if you feel like you’re stuck. You may ask me questions if you are unclear about a problem. I may be able to clarify the problem for you. GOOD LUCK!!
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2 Throughout the exam, assume that inflation is 4.8% APR, compounded monthly. 1. Explain why the yield curve is usually upward-sloping. (12 pts) 2. Schweitzer Engineering is considering a perpetual sponsorship deal with WSU to advertize at
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mtexam1_f10 - Midterm Exam#1 Finance 325 Name Exam...

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