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Unformatted text preview: he for-profit and non-profit sectors.”); Docket no. 49, Software and Information Industry, Inc. at pp. 2-3. 7 See, e.g., Docket no. 8, American Association of Community Colleges at p. 3; Docket no. 10, University of Montana at p. 1; Docket no. 12, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill p. 12; Docket no. 21, North Carolina State University at p. 12 (“The universities of this country create vast amounts of copyrightable intellectual property and they and their faculty are also copyright holders.”); Docket no. 44, Albert Carnesale, o/b/o Association of American Universities, et. al. at p. 6. 8 Testimony of Lynne Schrum (D.C. transcript at p. 327). 9 Testimony of Kathleen Burke, (D.C. transcript at p. 79); Docket no. 28, University of Maryland University College at p. 1. 3 licensing (including online licensing), without the need to rely on public domain materials or even “fair use” exemptions.10 Some educators argue that academic freedom should give them the right to use others’ copyrighted works for educational purposes.11 However, the Copyright Act grants creators the right to determine how and to whom the rights to their works are granted.12 The limited exemptions for teaching already contained in the Copyright Act, as well as its fair use provisions, provide the proper balance for these sometimes competing values. After all, the Register and others have noted that there is no “educational exemption” in the Copyright Act, per se.13 Educators also argue that distance education students should be treated the same as those on campus.14 Educational institutions maintain that it is costly to provide the hardware for these programs and that the transactions costs of licensing copyrighted materials is currently...
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