18 the increasing use of watermarking and encryption

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Unformatted text preview: s to those in the educational community legitimately entitled access to them.18 The increasing use of watermarking and encryption technologies, as well as the availability of online databases will enable licensing organizations to become even more responsive to the needs of both the content provider and educational communities.19 These technological improvements should alleviate the concern identified by certain educators who favor additional copyright exemptions based upon the alleged premise that it is often difficult to identify the copyright owner of a particular work.20 In particular, blanket licenses such as those offered by music performing rights organizations could be utilized, thereby obviating the need of the licensee to identify individual owners. In fact, CCC maintains that it has a 18 See e.g., Testimony of Michael Palage, InfoNetworks, Inc. (DC transcript at p. 21); Docket no. 9, InterTrust Technologies Corp. at pp 2-7; Docket no. 49, Software and Information Industry Association at pp. 2-3. 19 Testimony of Bruce Funkhouser, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., (D.C. transcript at pp. 263-265); Docket no. 26, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.; Docket no. 35, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers pp. 25-27. 20 See e.g., Docket no. 1, Indiana Commission for Higher Education at p. 2; Docket no. 12, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 6 “repertoire license system for [its] corporate users for internal duplication similar to the music licenses made available by BMI and ASCAP.”21 There is an emerging view in the educational community that better licensing technology and procedures will ameliorate many of their concerns regarding the quick and affordable availability of works.22 BMI and many other interested parties remain confident that forthcoming advances in digital technology will remedy current problems, fac...
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