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titleiifedreport200708 - Title II Federal Report 2007-2008...

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Title II Federal Report 2007-2008 Undergraduate Teacher Education Performance Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, North Carolina Assessment Pass-Rate Data: Regular Teacher Education Program Note : xxxx designation below indicates fewer than 10 reported scores; by federal law, these scores cannot be reported. Academic Year 2007-2008 Type of Assessment #at MHC Taking #Passing Assessment MHC Statewide Assessment at MHC Pass Rate Pass Rate PRAXIS II 44 44 100% 98% Specialty Area Tests Elementary Education (K-6) 41 41 100% 98% Language Arts (6-9) 0 xxxx xxxx Science (6-9) 0 xxxx xxxx Social Studies (6-9) 0 xxxx xxxx Mathematics (9-12) 0 xxxx xxxx Music (K-12) 0 xxxx xxxx Social Studies (9-12) 0 xxxx xxxx Spanish (K-12) 0 xxxx xxxx Special Ed: Cross Cat. (K-12) 3 xxxx xxxx Contextual Information: 1. Total number of students enrolled in teacher preparation programs, all specialization, in academic year 2007-2008 = 158 2. Number of students in supervised student teaching in academic year 2007-2008 = 74 3. Number of faculty members who supervised student teachers: Full-time faculty in professional education……….
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