10 - Support for the Community SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY In...

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53 2009 CSR REPORT Support for the Community Launching the China Mobile Charity Foundation An effective approach to managing philanthropic activities is paramount to ensuring effective giving. We have worked diligently to improve the way we manage, focus and measure the impact of our philanthropic endeavors – ensuring that our philanthropic resources materially contribute to the well-being of groups in need. On July 13, 2009, the China Mobile Charity Foundation was officially launched after several years of proactive efforts in this area. The Foundation was set up with 100 million yuan in seed funding from China Mobile Communication Company Limited, one of our subsidiary companies. The foundation was the first privately funded corporate foundation in Mainland China allowed to have the word “China” in its title. This is an important step in ensuring the sound management of our public philanthropic actions. Guided by our corporate values, the China Mobile Charity Foundation’s actions are driven by its core principle of “sincerity, concentration, harmony, and sharing”. The foundation provides aid for society’s disadvantaged, particularly with respect to education, environmental protection, and disaster relief. Relying on our corporate resources, the Foundation has a mandate to strengthen our approach to philanthropy. SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY In 2009, we worked diligently to improve our approaches to philanthropy management – we carried out more targeted philanthropic projects, focusing on topics such as support for education and children, and help for disadvantaged and at-risk groups in society – thus playing a role in advancing social progress. At the same time, we encouraged employees to engage in community activities, and built a supportive internal environment for charitable work. Finally, taking advantage of the size and scope of our business, we launched various public welfare platforms that allowed us to actively solicit public support for community issues. China Mobile Blue Dream Education Charity Plan Education Infrastructure Training Educators Supporting Students in Need China Mobile Libraries and Multi-media Classrooms Supporting Education We pay great attention to the development of the education sector in Mainland China. In 2009, after reviewing our existing efforts, we consolidated our education projects and set out a targeted 3-year development plan for educational philanthropy. The plan focuses on three strategic areas: “education infrastructure, training educators, and supporting students in need”. A total of 35 million yuan has been committed to this program, with 12 million yuan donated in 2009. We have streamlined our education-related philanthropy under the theme, “China Mobile Blue Dream Education Charity Plan”, which reflects our sincere and genuine desire to be able to connect students with the educational opportunities they seek. In Hebei, we designed an education program under the theme
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10 - Support for the Community SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY In...

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