cem06 - BSc(Hons Construction Economics Management-2005...

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* Electronic ± Printed 1 A Study of Sustainable Construction and Waste Management in Hong Kong Yiu Hoi Ki Junny Online --- 2 A Study on the Capability of Green Building Development in Hong Kong Hung Tuen Na Online --- 3 A Survey of Part-Time taught MSc Programmes Students in the Department of BRE ~Reasons, Expectation and Returns~ Ho Tsz Ming Online --- 4 An Empirical Study on the Impacts of Home Ownership Scheme on the Price of Adjoining Private Residential Property Wong Chu Hon Online --- 5 An Overview of Government Policies on Construction and Demolition Waste Management Tam Tat Chi Online --- 6 Anallysiis off Job Diissattiisffacttiion and Turrnoverr Prrobllem off Quanttiitty Surrveyorrs iin Hong Kong Lai Pak Kei Online --- 7 Analyze the Effectiveness of Construction Safety Measures Implemented by The Hong Kong Government – The ‘Green Card’ System Wong shun Tong Online --- 8 Are prevailing norms hindering women’s entry? Ho Si Man Online --- 9 Bureaucracy vs. Partnering: Promotion or………? Li Tsui Shan Online --- 10 Comparison between Hong Kong’s Green Building standard towards International Standard Yung Sin Wun
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cem06 - BSc(Hons Construction Economics Management-2005...

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