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Gloria A. Dye, Ph.D. EDUCATION 1994 Doctor of Philosophy, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM Major: Special Education Minor: Educational Administration Dissertation Topic: Assessing the Staff Development Needs At A Residential Facility for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities 1990 Education Specialist, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM Major: Educational Administration Topic: Bridging the Gap Between Regular and Special Educators 1988 Master of Arts, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque New Mexico Secondary Education-Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Education 1982 Bachelor of Arts, Walsh University, Canton, Ohio Major: Elementary Education Minor: Special Education Minor: English CURRENT PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas Associate Professor, Secondary Special Education August 1994-Present LICENSURE Elementary, K-8, New Mexico Special Education, K-12, New Mexico Instructional Leader, K-12, New Mexico Administrative, K-12, New Mexico COURSES TAUGHT IN HIGHER EDUCATION University of New Mexico-Albuquerque, 1991-1994 Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM (Class in Albuquerque), 1992 Washburn University Courses, 1994-2006 ED 200 Educational Psychology ED 302 Teaching Exceptional Learners (Secondary) ED 402 Teaching Struggling Learners (Elementary & Secondary) ED 405 Classroom Management (Secondary) in collaboration w/Dr.Rettig SE 476 Psychology of the Exceptional Student SE 520/522 Educational Planning for Youth w/Mild/Moderate Disabilities SE 530/532 Methods & Materials for Teaching Mild/Mod. Children (Elem. & Sec.) SE 535 Conferencing and Consulting in Special Education SE 556/558 Practicum I-Elementary & Secondary Special Education SE 559 Practicum II-Secondary Special Education SE 560/562 Assessment in Special Education (Elementary & Secondary) SE 674 Special Topic Practicum-Working with Teachers on Waivers
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SE 580 Resources for Families with Disabilities (Pre/Elem/Sec) Graduate Capstone Experiences 1997-2005 Chaired 22 graduate student committees Member of 33 graduate committees, Served on 55 graduate committees, 1997-2005 SCHOLARSHIP Book Chapter McConnell, J.L., Hinitz, B.F., & Dye, G.A. (2005). Integration, at last, in 1999: Implications of the brown v. board of education, brown II and brown III decisions for children in Topeka. In Dara N. Byrne (ED.), Brown v. Board of Education: Its’ Impact on Public Education 1954-2000. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund. Encyclopedia Entry (Peer-reviewed publications) Dye, G.A. (In Press). Attention and the brain. In Encyclopedia of the Brain and Learning . West Port, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group. Dye, G.A. (2005). Parent teacher conferences. In Encyclopedia of School Psychology
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dyevita - Gloria A Dy e Ph.D EDUCATION 1994 Doctor of...

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