globalization - Management Strategy Survey of Businesses...

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AISIN REPORT 2007 17 Management Strategy Survey of Businesses Commitment to Society AISIN Group Companies Financial Section Globalization In pursuing business expansion in the global market, AISIN has striven to strengthen production bases worldwide and fortify its sales and development structure. In fiscal 2007, overseas sales rose 20.2% from the previous fiscal year to ¥858,530 million. As a result, the ratio of overseas sales to total net sales rose 2.4 percentage points to 36.1%. It is anticipated that further expansion of the automobile industry as a whole will continue. To anticipate such trends and needs, AISIN worked aggressively to construct a production and supply structure overseas. In fiscal 2007, efforts to increase sub- sidiaries were particularly strong in North America, China and ASEAN countries, with consolidated subsidiaries numbering 72 in Japan and 81 overseas, including 32 in North America, 10 subsidiaries represent more than half of the total. As a global partner, AISIN seeks to appropriately address the needs of customers around the world by ensuring that it operates in every region where automobile manufacturers operate through continued expansion of its bases. ˙! North America ɹ ˙ ! Europe ɹ ˙ ! ˔ Overseas Sales ˔ Overseas Sales to Total Net Sales (%) FY2007 ˔ Newly Added Subsidiaries in Fiscal 2007 36.1 858.5 0 (FY) ’07 304.0 396.9 714.0 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 1,000 800 400 600 200 (Billions of yen) Aisin Comcruise Co., Ltd. (Japan) AD Nobi Co., Ltd. (Japan) AD Sunutopia Co., Ltd. (Japan) Aisin Chemical Indiana, LLC (U.S.A.)
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globalization - Management Strategy Survey of Businesses...

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