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Unformatted text preview: Contents Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management Message from the Dean 2 Message from the MScSHRM Programme Director 3 School Vision and Mission 4 Programme Objectives 5 Unique Features Quality Education 6-8 9 Programme Content 10-11 International Faculty 12-15 16 Facilities 17 Admissions and Class Information 18 Application Methods and Procedures 19 Programme and Application Enquiries 20 C on ten ts Participant Profile Message from the Dean 2 Since its inception in 1956, HKBU has been a pathfinder in business education in Hong Kong and Asia. The postgraduate programmes that we offer, MBA, MSc, DBA, MPhil and PhD, are intellectually rigorous and have contemporary and professional relevance aiming to nurture future business leaders capable of meeting new challenges in a rapidly changing global economy. The School will continue to maintain a strong emphasis on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance in our education and research agenda.These will soon come under a new strategic theme of corporate sustainability. We have received funding support from the University Strategic Development Fund for a large-scale project entitled “Corporate Sustainability: A Community Dialogue”, encompassing various research activities, publications, public forums and seminar series on corporate sustainability. The HKBU School of Business is full of potential and I am excited about the prospect and future development. I know I can count on the support of students, faculty, alumni and the community to help us scale new heights. Professor Stephen Y. L. Cheung, BBS, JP Dean, School of Business and Professor (Chair) of Finance Hong Kong Baptist University M essage fro m t he Dean Message from the MScSHRM Programme Director 3 I am pleased that you are considering furthering your professional and career development at HKBU. We have remained in the forefront in the provision of human resources management education in Hong Kong, and we are dedicated to developing the HR leaders of tomorrow. This professional- and executive-level programme is designed to meet the needs of the business world. We provide you with advanced management knowledge as well as practical HR skills. Our courses are designed to help you to: master the new HR strategic processes; apply strategic models to leverage human capital; develop a talent-management culture; identify strategies for employee engagement, and use HR metrics to evaluate the impact of HR on business outcomes. Each course explores a critical topic in depth, examining the role of the HR leader and best practices in industry. We also stress practicality with realistic course projects designed to help you to learn and to apply what you have learned.The programme as a whole will help transform you into a strategic partner and business leader. Investing in education creates a personal asset that will provide a payoff over many years. This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to advance in your profession and to enhance your organization's competitive advantage. Professor Alicia Leung MScSHRM Programme Director Associate Professor Department of Management Hong Kong Baptist University Message f ro m t he M ScS HRM Prog ramme Director Contemporary HR needs to be able to attract, retain and develop human capital resources. However, to go the extra step and be a leader in the field, HR executives need to be able to leverage that human capital to contribute to organizational strategy and performance. In this regard, we put particular emphasis on the development of key competencies, such as business acumen and strategic thinking, to teach our students how to effectively partner with the business. We aim to help transform HR from a "business partner" to a "business leader." School Vision and Mission 4 Our Vision We aspire to be a leader in whole-person business education and a centre of excellence in business research in selected strategic areas, with a view to inspiring business practice, creating values for stakeholders, and enhancing social and economic growth and development. Our Mission Through internationally recognised business education programmes and research achievements, our School seeks to nurture visionary and ethical business leaders who make a difference to their organisations and industry, and to serve the evolving needs of Hong Kong, Mainland China and the global community. In keeping with this mission, we strive to: cultivate the academic curiosity, integrity and leadership potential of our students, and train them to be all-round, values-conscious business graduates through our leading-edge, well-balanced curriculum and the unique Young Executive Development Scheme (YEDS). • excel and become a leading institution in our strategic research areas, both for the advancement and dissemination of business knowledge and for enhancement of teaching quality. • be one of the most visible and influential business schools in the region in terms of corporate advisory and public policy impact. • S ch ool V i si on and M iss io n • strongly encourage a commitment to quality and professionalism by our faculty, staff, students and alumni, in conducting the educational activities of the School. • foster collegiality within the School through adopting a participative governance structure that facilitates wide and frequent interactions among those who learn, teach and work in the School. Our Core Values Quality • Integrity • Professionalism • Innovation Global Perspectives • Teamwork • Social Responsibility Programme Objectives 5 The Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management (MScSHRM) degree programme is a two-year programme made up of courses revolving around three core elements: strategies, globalisation and ethics. On completion of this Executive-level Master programme, graduates will be able to operate as part of a senior management team and provide ethical leadership both to those involved in the functional aspects of HRM and to those directly managing HR at all levels. Our graduates will contribute significantly to critical areas of management by: exhibiting an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of strategic and global management, • demonstrating state-of-the-art knowledge of human capital management, • developing strategies for human resources and influencing corporate decision-making, • speaking the language of the boardroom on the topics of finance, technology, marketing and operations, and performing the role of strategic business partner. • acting as skilled change agents, creating transformation programmes and managing intellectual capital and information technology, • functioning as the conscience of senior managers in terms of ethical behaviour and professionalism, • creating a cultural bridge between local managers and their counterparts in other parts of the world. Program m e Ob jec ti ves • Unique Features 6 The Department of Management at the HKBU School of Business is the leading provider of human resources undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong. Global Focus Participants acquire current information about dynamic business and social environments around the world. Emphasis is placed throughout the programmes on various human contexts and international HRM standards. International Faculty Our faculty includes internationally renowned HRM experts, many of whom have written outstanding books, consulted and offered executive training programmes to multinational and local companies. Action Learning Approach Action research is a workplace-based learning approach that enables participants to investigate issues or problems of concern, create useful information and options and devise plans to deal with the problems identified. Weekend Classes The programme is available on a part-time basis and is taught over weekends to meet the needs of busy executives. Un i que F eatu res “ Studying on this programme is not only a very challenging and motivating learning experience, but also one of the best investments that I have made. The programme has already given me lots of tangible and intangible returns, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best HRM MSc degree in Hong Kong. ” Derek Cheng (MScSHRM Class of 2008) Lecturer HKU Space 7 Award Scheme Two awards are set up to encourage our BU alumni to pursue advanced professional education and to motivate programme participants to strive for academic excellence: (1) The HKBU Alumni Entrance Award is worth HK$10,000 and two awards are available. Participants need to be BU undergraduate almumni and to have attained an upper second class honours degree. U ni qu e F eatu res (2) The Graduation Academic Award is designed to reward those who have attained excellent scholastic performance in their Master studies. It is worth HK$10,000 and will be given to three participants who have obtained the highest GPA provided that their CumGPA is no less than 3.40, with no repeated courses and no course grade below B-. 8 Professional Network The HKBU Association for Human Resources Professionals (AHRP) is the official alumni association for all HKBU graduates working in the HRM and General Administration fields. The association offers excellent networking opportunities for HR professionals at all levels, and organises a number of activities for its members. These include an information-sharing platform for HR career opportunities, international and local conferences and symposia, educational seminars and professional workshops, research activities on HR issues and practices, career talks for university students, social and recreational events, cultural activities, community service and charity functions. Upon completion of the programme, graduates will have built up a network of HR and business professionals that will enhance both their career development and personal life. Professional Qualifications The programmes prepare participants for the HRM certification examination in the PRC (企業人力資源管理國家職業資格認證), and graduates may choose to sit the examination for an additional fee. Graduates also qualify for membership professional associations including the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, the Hong Kong People Management Association, the International Institute of Management and the Institute of Training Professionals. Un i que F eatu res “ T he MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management equips students to deliver HR services from a strategic perspective. Some modules taught us how to use scientific methods to support strategic viewpoints, which I found very practical. Moreover, by serving a real company client during the Degree Project, I really consolidated the knowledge I learnt from the programme. ” Ada Tam (MScSHRM Class of 2008) Deputy HR Manager PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd Quality Education 9 Learning Mode All courses are presented using a combination of methodologies, such as lectures, web-based learning, guest lectures, group discussions, field projects, library research, action learning and case studies. Each course involves 42 study hours, which includes 28 hours in class and 14 hours of other supervised learning activities, such as web-based discussion and exercises or small-group meetings with the instructor. Assessment Methods The assessment and grading of the courses are based on three main elements: class discussion and participation, assignments and projects, and tests and examinations. The relative weighting of each element varies according to the course content and requirements. Executive Development Seminar Series The Executive Development Seminar Series deals with contemporary issues in the business community. Speakers include senior business and human resources practitioners, distinguished scholars and faculty members. By attending these seminars, participants acquire additional practical experience and knowledge of a diverse range of business issues. The programme is an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge. The Department of Management is blessed with a team of international faculty members who are extremely skilled in encouraging student participation. They offer a systematic understanding of HRM from a truly global perspective and demonstrate their professional knowledge of the full spectrum of HR functions. Networking and experience-sharing with classmates, who are all knowledgeable and experienced HR practitioners and managers, is equally enlightening and rewarding. The programme is more than about just getting another qualification: it is a lifelong pass to an intellectual hub of knowledge and friendship.” Regina Law (MScSHRM Class of 2007) Manager (Career Structure and Progression) Human Resources Division Hospital Authority Head Office Q ua li ty Edu c ati on “ 10 Programme Content To graduate, participants must complete 30 credit units, including nine core courses and one elective course. Core Courses (Required: 27 credits) Foundations of Human Resources Management (3 credits) This course provides an overview of the fundamental principles of HRM and business administration. It covers all the main functional areas of HRM, the fundamental concepts of strategic management and financial management, and the changing roles of the HRM managers. Best practices are stressed. Industrial-Organisational Psychology (3 credits) Participants study psychological theories, principles, concepts and measurement methods to gain an understanding of how this knowledge can be applied to the design and management of global HR systems. Skills for Managing Human Resources (3 credits) Participants are equipped with concepts, skills, and techniques that support workplace learning and the motivation and development of organisational members. Participants acquire skills in dealing with various personal, interpersonal and group situations, such as time management, supportive communication and problem solving. International Human Resources Management (3 credits) Participants are provided with the knowledge and skills to design and manage HR in global companies with special emphasis on managing international assignees. This course covers key issues in designing global HR systems, international employee relations, and comparative HRM practices. Strategic Human Resources Management in Practice (3 credits) P ro gram m e C o nt ent This course illustrates and explains how firms may be able to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. Furthermore, through exercises, case studies and guest speakers we explain how HRM can be a source of competitive advantage and how it can be used to help a firm achieve its strategic objectives. The perspective taken is that of top-level executives. Human Resources Research and Information (3 credits) This course introduces participants to the technical knowledge needed to conduct practical research studies that are scientifically valid. It also covers the development and implementation of HR information management systems to ensure that the right personnel are effectively recruited and retained. 11 Human Resources Measurement (3 credits) This course introduces the concepts and techniques required to make decisions to maximise human capital. Participants learn how to audit HR activities and functions through measurement and tests, and to apply relevant techniques to improve organisational effectiveness. Change Management (3 credits) Participants learn about issues related to corporate restructuring, and acquire skills in organisational change, working with external consultants and developing desirable work cultures, with a focus on the diagnostic function and strategic capital formation. Degree Project: Creating and Sustaining the Knowledge-Based Organisation (3 credits) This capstone course equips participants to deal with current HR issues and to apply the knowledge and concepts that they have acquired during their study in a real-life context. The project involves the use of various consulting and research methods to explore questions that relate to the internal performance of an organisation or the environment in which it operates. It also helps participants to develop transferable skills such as teamwork and project management. The aim of the final output is to provide effective solutions to the problems diagnosed to add true value to the organisation. Elective Courses (Required: 3 credits) Current Human Resources Issues (3 credits) Current Employment Practices in China (3 credits) This course focuses on the human resources issues and problems encountered by international companies in the Chinese mainland today and introduces participants to current and practical issues regarding employment and HRM in the mainland. Exemption for PgDHRM outstanding participants Outstanding participants who have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management programme offered by Hong Kong Baptist University will be exempted from the fees for the two courses - Foundations of Human Resources Management and Current Employment Practices in China. Pro gram me C on ten t In this course, participants are exposed to critical issues in managing human resources, such as market dynamics, employee generational differences, talent management, work-life balance, health and wellness, work values and ethics, technology and management. Topics change as new challenges arise. International Faculty 12 The courses are facilitated by internationally experienced scholars, many of whom have written books in their field and have completed extensive consulting projects in Asia and elsewhere. Samuel ARYEE PhD (McMaster), is the Director of the Research Degrees Programme in the Aston Business School at Aston University. He previously held teaching positions at HKBU and the National University of Singapore. His areas of research interests include work-family interface, careers, organizational justice, employee-organization relationship and counterproductive workplace behaviour. His work has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management Studies, and Human Relations, etc. Wayne CASCIO PhD (Rochester), is Robert H. Reynolds Chair of Global Leadership of the Business School at University of Colorado Denver. He is a former president of the Human Resources Division of both the Academy of Management, and of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology. He is a also member of the Board of Directors of the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation. He has consulted with a wide variety of organisations on six continents, and periodically he testifies as an expert witness in employment discrimination cases. Randy CHIU Int er na ti on al F acu l ty PhD (Andrews), is a Professor in the Department of Management at HKBU. He is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources as well as a registered I-O psychologist. He is very active in local professional and business communities and is currently a Member of Equal Opportunities Commission. His research interests include cross-cultural management, personnel psychology, and professional ethics. He has published 5 book chapters and over 70 academic articles and conference papers, such as the International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Journal of Vocational Behaviour. 13 Peter DORFMAN PhD (Maryland), is the Bank of America Professorship of the College of Business at New Mexico State University. His articles on leadership, cross-cultural management, and employee discrimination have appeared in Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management, Advances in International Comparative Management, Journal of International Business Studies, and Advances in Global Leadership, among others. His current research involves investigating the impact of cultural influences on managerial behaviour and leadership styles. Anne-Marie FRANCESCO PhD (Ohio State), is a Professor in the Department of Management at HKBU. She was formerly managing director of AM Francesco & Associates Ltd, a Hong Kong-based human resources management consulting firm. She is a co-author of the book “International Organisational Behaviour (2005)”, and has written numerous journal articles and conference papers. Her current research interests include cross-cultural management and organisational behaviour, life balance and culture and feedback processes. PhD (Lancaster), is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at HKBU. She is active in researching and writing material about Asian organisations and management issues. Her research interests include gender issues, workplace incivility, business ethics, corporate governance and strategic management in the Asian context. In Hong Kong she has developed short courses for businesses and professional bodies and has run consultancy projects on organisational management and business planning. I nter n at io na l F acu l ty Alicia LEUNG 14 Margaret SHAFFER PhD (Texas-Arlington), is the Notebaert Distinguished Professor of International Business and Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is an active researcher, and her work has appeared in several reputable management journals. She has extensive business experience as a manager and consultant, and has worked in various industries, including telecommunications, hotel and tourism and retail. She also had her own training consultancy firm in Hong Kong and conducted many in-service seminars for international and local organisations. Ed SNAPE PhD (Durham), Chartered MCIPD, is a Professor in the Department of Management at HKBU. His expertise is in human resource management and employee relations. He also has an interest in service quality. He has co-authored two books and published over 50 articles in scholarly journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Human Relations, Industrial Relations, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Management Studies. Int er na ti on al F acu l ty 15 Li-qun WEI PhD (CUHK), is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at HKBU. She teaches human resource management, international business, and strategic management for students at various levels. Her research areas include strategic HRM, top management teams and Chinese business strategies. She has published in a number of premier international refereed journals, including the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management and so forth, and is active in executive trainings in China. Michael YOUNG I nter n at io na l F acu l ty PhD (Connecticut), is Associate Professor in the Management Department at HKBU. He has experience working in industry, banking and state government in the US. His research interests are corporate governance, Chinese management practice, SOE reform and organisational economics. He has taught courses on strategic management, business research, media management, international management, micro and macro economics, the history of economic thought, economic development and labour economics. Participant Prof ile 16 Since 2002, this executive-level MScSHRM programme has successfully developed nearly 200 HR executives to become strategic business partners in the senior management teams of their respective companies and provided strong leadership in introducing advanced international HRM practices to Hong Kong. 263 87 12.8 Years 9 Years Total No. of Enrolled Participants Average Work Experience Average Experience in HR / T&D /Administration MSc in SHRM Participants’ Profile (since 2002) 30% % of Participants 25% Less than 8 years 8 to 10 years 14 to 18 years 20% 15% 10% 25% Over 18 years 20% 21% 11 to 13 years 21% 13% 5% 0% Years of Work Experience Professional Background Consulants and Professionals 9% Senior Management / Management Level Supervisory Level 34% 57% P arti ci pan t Pro f il e Facilities 17 Library The University Library has a comprehensive collection of Chinese and Western books, periodicals, non-print materials and newspaper clippings. An extensive interlibrary loan system is also available. Computer Rooms The School of Business has two computer laboratories, a main teaching laboratory with over 60 computers and a practice laboratory that is equipped with 40 computers. Common Rooms Participants on taught postgraduate programmes at the School are given 24-hour access to an informal meeting and reading area, and every participant is provided with a mailbox in this room. Sports Centre Participants on taught postgraduate programmes are eligible to use a variety of sports facilities at the University. Accommodation F aci l it ies NTT International House, which is located on the university campus, provides participants with clean and comfortable accommodation for rest and group project work. Admissions and Class Information 18 Admission Criteria Applicants seeking admission to the Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management degree programme should normally possess: • a good first degree or equivalent, in any discipline, from a recognised university; OR • a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from a recognised institution; OR • a qualification deemed to be equivalent; AND • usually a minimum of five years management or professional work experience. Class Information Class Times Saturdays and Sundays: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm Venue The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies Hong Kong Baptist University Shaw Campus, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong (For September 2011 Intake) Fees (For September 2010 Intake) Tuition Fees* Application Fee (non-refundable) HK$148,000 (payable in four equal instalments over two years) HK$200 – On-line application HK$400 – Paper application Adm is sio ns a nd C la ss In f or mat io n (a paper application form can be obtained in person from the Graduate School Office) Graduation Fee HK$450 *Excluding fees for textbooks and other reading materials and fees for the PRC HRM certification examination. Reimbursable courses for CEF purposes Application Methods and Procedures 19 Application for Admission Applications can be submitted as follows. • On-line at http://buar.hkbu.edu.hk/pgadm.html; OR • In person at the Graduate School Office (located on Level 7 of the Fong Shu Chuen Library, Ho Sin Hang Campus, Waterloo Road) during office hours or at the collection box outside the office between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. daily; OR • By mail to the Graduate School Office. Application Process 1. Preliminary Review Each completed application is reviewed by the admission committee, and short-listed candidates are invited for an interview on campus. 2. Selection Interview Applicants are invited to attend an evaluative personal interview for further consideration of their admission. 4. Tuition Payment Accepted applicants must pay the non-refundable first instalment of the tuition fees to confirm their place. 5. Orientation Day Once the application has been accepted and the registration process completed, participants are required to attend an orientation session before the programme commences. Application Deadline 30 June of 2011 31 May the current year A p pl ic ati on Met ho ds and Pro cedu res 3. Review and Decision The admission committee reviews the completed application and makes a decision. Programme and Application Enquiries 20 Programme Enquiries Department of Management Programme Office Phone : (852) 3411-7531 Fax : (852) 3411-5583 Email : [email protected] Website : www.hkbu.edu.hk/~mscshrm Paper Application Form and Supporting Documents to be sent directly to: Graduate School Office Phone : (852) 3411-5127 Fax : (852) 3411-5133 Email : [email protected] Website : http://www.hkbu.edu.hk/~gs On-line Application: http://buar.hkbu.edu.hk/pgadm.html Pro gramme an d Appl i cat i on E nqu i ri es Postgraduate Programmes of School of Business, HKBU Master of Philosophy (MPhil) & Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Applied Accounting and Finance (MScAAF) Master of Science in Applied Economics (MScAECON) Master of Science in Corporate Governance and Directorship (MScCGD) Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management (MScSHRM) Master of Human Resources Management (MHRM) Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting (PgDPA) School of Business Tel: (852) 3411-7531 Fax: (852) 3411-5583 Email: [email protected] Website: www.hkbu.edu.hk/~mscshrm ...
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