Syllabus Bus 371 Summer 1 2011-1

Syllabus Bus 371 Summer 1 2011-1 - Course Syllabus Business...

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Course Syllabus Online Summer 1 Instructor: David F. Robinson, Ph.D. Office: COB 607 Mobile Phone : 812-251-7414 (only if a crisis…email is best) E-mail: [email protected] (I will try to respond within 24 to 48 hours) Office Hours: By appointment Course Materials and Description Required Materials : 1) Textbook - Management: a practical introduction , by Kinicki and Williams 5 th edition. McGraw- Hill. 2) Connect access (McGraw-Hill) This is a required learning site; to access it you must buy a code. You must register and use the Connect site. Help is available from Connect representatives if you have trouble signing up and using the site. 3) Access to the Wall Street Journal and other publications through the ISU library or other sources. Course Description Overview of the Management process and functions in organizations, including a study of the behavior of individuals and teams in organizations, competitive strategy and organization theory. Course Sequencing Course should be taken in the junior year. Current college of business pre-requisites per the ISU catalog. Course conduct Students will participate in class activities online. In keeping with the online nature of the class, most activities will be individual or compilations of individual contributions. Some activities may involve real-time interaction with the instructor, an assistant to the instructor or with your classmates. Regarding activities and projects, it is each student’s responsibility to contribute more than their share to the activity or project. It is not anyone’s responsibility to make you contribute, if you free ride you do so at great risk to your grade. I will all evaluate your contribution and behavior with the team. I reserve the right to terminate students from projects or activities which at my discretion will result in a failing grade for that student. If we are using student teams, teams may terminate non or poor performing members with my approval also subjecting the terminated student to a failing grade on the project at my discretion. 1
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Course Educational Objectives At the end of this course students should be able to: 1. Describe the role of management in an effective organization 2 Explain in depth the major management functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling 3. Identify and explain the basic concepts and theories that guide the practice of management 4. Demonstrate an ability to apply the concepts and theories that guide the practice of management 5. Demonstrate an understanding of, and ability to use the vocabulary associated with the field of management 6. Apply some of the problem-solving, decision-making, and leadership skills required for effective management 7. Demonstrate an understanding of how management is changing in response to changing conditions 8. Engage in life-long learning and improvement relative to their chosen career 9. Successfully pursue further course work in the management field
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Syllabus Bus 371 Summer 1 2011-1 - Course Syllabus Business...

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