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Data: Data in its own way known as a collection of discrete objects, facts or events out of context. Data has no reference to space or time. In some advance way we can say collection of some objects or results of some process are known as data. It is also known as unprocessed information. Inside the spread sheet of excel in each cell we store data, on its own it does not give any information. When we store the sells figure of the company in a spread sheet we call it as data. We may do some categorization on the data to get meaning full output from it. Information: The processed data is known as information. From a collection of data we can derive meaningful information (conclusion). We can't call it information if we are not getting any result (conclusion) out of our data. The sells figure stored in a spread sheet on its own can't give any conclusion but on observation or by statistical tools we can see that north region the sells are better than southern region. This is the information we get out of the sells data.
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