HCA 250 Health promotion.

HCA 250 Health promotion. - Health Promotion 1 Health...

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Health Promotion 1 Health Promotion Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Health Promotion 2 My health promotion is on obesity and the trouble it can cause in the workplace. Obesity is when someone has too much body fat. While some people make it about looks it is really about your health. Being obese has many serious health conditions such as; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and many more. There is a formula used by doctors called the body mass index or BMI. This tells the doctors how much body fat someone is carrying around in their body. clinic, m. (1998). Mayoclinic . Treatment must include, diet changes,exercise on a regular basis, modify behavior thinking so, we don’t overeat when stressed. We as americans are very lazy and like the convienence of fast food. We are always in such a hurry that we don’t take the time to eat healthy. One in three adults are over weight in America. This number is crazy and something has to be done. My program would target adults from 30-40 and would be middle class who have evry stressful jobs and eat meals on the go to continue working. I will install
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HCA 250 Health promotion. - Health Promotion 1 Health...

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