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HCA 250 Week 5 Appendix D

HCA 250 Week 5 Appendix D - Axia College Material Appendix...

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Axia College Material Appendix D Culture and Health Behaviors Culture describes patterns of beliefs and behaviors of groups organized by any number of categories such as age, family structure, geographic location, ethnicity, etc. An individual’s culture has an impact on how he or she responds to perceived symptoms and illnesses. Part One Read the following case studies . Case 1: José Both of 6-year-old José’s parents work at a high-rise hotel in New York City. José’s grandparents take care of him while his parents are at work. The grandparents feel that he needs to eat healthy to grow up like his papa. José is given candy and soda in addition to regular meals at their house. Both sets of grandparents, along with many aunts, uncles, and cousins, live within walking distance. Three months ago, José was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. José’s family has a meter to monitor his blood glucose, but everyone hates to stick his finger so many times in one day. The dosages of insulin are written on a sheet that is taped to the refrigerator, so the family knows when to administer a shot based on the meter reading. José has had two hospitalizations for high and low blood sugar readings. His relatives mostly speak Spanish, and no one really understands José’s new disease of high sugar. The family is scheduled to attend a special class at the hospital, taught in Spanish by a pediatric diabetic educator.
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