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Discussion Questions Weeks 1-9 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 Post your response to the following: Consider that you are having an informative discussion with your adolescent child about sex. Your goal is to explain to your child that sexual arousal is a normal sensation attributed to the brain, neurochemicals, and sex hormones all working together. Describe, in language that a teen would understand, how the brain, neurochemicals, and sex hormones work together during sexual arousal. Consider, as you respond to your classmates’ posts, that the adolescent has questions about how the brain, neurochemicals and sex hormones are affecting him or her at this point in life. I have no children, but my brother will be an adolescent one day and since as I am a lot older than he is, I will most likely have to explain what is happening to him as his body goes through adolescence. I will approach Brandon and start explaining to him from the top like this: In the adolescent years, all kinds of changes occur in the body because it is developing. The brain, being a part of the operation, transmits neurochemicals and sex hormones throughout the body. Brandon I know you are probably wondering what parts of the brain contribute to sexual arousal. Well, the parts of the brain responsible for sexual arousal include the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. Oh, boy. I see you scratching your head so let me put that in layman’s terms. Think of the cerebral cortex as a computer transmitting messages, sexual messages evoked by sexual thoughts, images, fantasies, and the like. Now the cerebral cortex, like a computer would interpret each message, which are actually thoughts, images, or fantasies as turn-offs or turn-ons. These sexual messages are then transmitted through the spinal cord causing a rush of blood to your penis, because you’re a boy which would cause an erection. In a girl, it blood would rush to the vagina, creating vaginal lubrication. The limbic system would be on the receiving end of the computer, like a person receiving an e-mail. When people see something sexual or experience sexual thoughts, they are sexually simulated. Sexual arousal also comes from sex hormones, because sex hormones help produce specifically testosterone in you, Brandon because you are a male. It helps create “estrogen and progesterone in females” (Rathus, Nevid, Fichner-Rathus, 2005, p. 153). That is basically what is used in a woman’s body to help develop the female body functions, such as estrogen, to help the breast grow. Brandon, sex hormones will helps develop the body in adolescence by helping to create sperm, making you develop pubic and facial hair. Basically, it’s a rite of passage before you enter manhood. Week 2 Discussion Question 2
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ALL Discussion Questions - Discussion Questions Weeks 1-9...

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