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Assignment-Gender Identity

Assignment-Gender Identity - Gender Identity 1 Running Head...

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Gender Identity 1 Running Head: GENDER IDENTITY Gender Identity Name: Axia College PSY 265
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Gender Identity 2 Gender Identity Factors that Determine Gender Identity The factors that determine gender identity include environmental and biological influences. Through societal influences, we are taught to behave in “male” or “female” ways, depending on our anatomical sex. Biology helps create our sense of gender identity, because it is with our genitalia that most people first learn to assume an identity, as either male or female. However, environment shapes our thinking and has forced us to think in terms of masculinity or femininity to help define our gender identity. Therefore, gender identity is determined by both biology and environment, and our overall self-conceptualization, including gender and in the other ways that we see ourselves as individuals. The Continuum of masculinity-femininity Primarily, to examine the masculinity-femininity continuum, we have to highlight the importance of gender in our society and those who have a “different” gender, and may not fit directly in with what is considered exact maleness or femaleness. In our society, we see gender as a pivotal part of who we are, so naturally as soon as we are born; our parents want to know our gender. However, there are times when gender is not so easily definable. Some people, known as hermaphrodites, are born with both male and female genitalia. A work by Zucker also describes intersexuals, people “who may possess the gonads of one sex but external genitalia that are ambiguous or typical of the other sex” (Zucker, 1999, as cited by Rathus, Nevid, and Fichner-Rathus, 2005, p. 175). These individuals do not fit directly into society’s concept of
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Assignment-Gender Identity - Gender Identity 1 Running Head...

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