CheckPoint Science Week 2

CheckPoint Science Week 2 - As of right now I do not...

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BRIDGER TETON 1 Bridger Teton Jaclyn Russo SCI/275 18:00:42 Melissa Filiaggi
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BRIDGER TETON 2 Conservation is the protecting and conserving of plants, animals and their surroundings. Preservation is the act of keeping something safe and well preserved such as endangered animals. The difference between conservation and preservation is that preservation is when you maintain what you already have and conservation is when you use more sparingly so you do not use it all. An example of conservation is limiting the amount of water we use when bathing so we do not use all of the world’s water. An example of preservation is the rain forests that we are not allowed to invade and chop down tress so we do not disturb the wildlife.
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Unformatted text preview: As of right now, I do not believe that there is an environmentally friendly way to harvest forests but hopefully in the future. I think that we should try to find the least invasive part of a forest and only harvest so much and try not to disturb the wildlife. I think that we do need resources from the forests so I don’t think that we should never harvest from forests. The man in the movie stated at the end that he believed we should continue with oil exploration in the United States but maybe not in all of the unique areas, which I agree with him. It is important to not be dependent on other countries but at the same time we should not destroy ours trying to find something that might not be there....
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CheckPoint Science Week 2 - As of right now I do not...

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