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checkpoint english week 9

checkpoint english week 9 - knowledge expanding If I were...

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CHECKPOINT 1 Checkpoint Jaclyn Russo COM/220 18:00:42 Kathryn Geranios
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CHECKPOINT 2 Now that I have finished my research paper, I would give a lot of advice to students starting this course. First off, I would inform students that this course is very helpful course that will make them better writers, but they have to work hard. In this class, there is a lot of research and paying close attention to detail. When researching, students have to be meticulous about the information that they are selecting for their papers. Also, I would inform students that they have to be willing to learn and not just hope to go easily though the class. This course is progressive. Each week, a newer concept adds to the information you learn in the previous week until you see your writing improving and your
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge expanding. If I were just starting the course, I would try to stay ahead of the syllabus. I never fell behind in the course, but I always waited until the last minute to get my work done. Next time, I want to be ahead in my assignments so that I will have more time to reflect on what I'm writing and if I have completed the assignment successfully. If I started my paper over right now I would focus more on the flow of my paper and work harder on my full sentence outline so that I could ensure my paper makes complete sense when it is finished. Also I need to work on paraphrasing a little better so that the plagiarism checker is not so high. Overall I think I did a pretty good job on the paper and I am excited to see what my final grade is....
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