Checkpoint week 8 english

Checkpoint week 8 english - CHECK POINT 1 Check Point...

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CHECK POINT 1 Check Point Jaclyn Russo COM/220 18:00:46 Kathryn Geranios
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CHECK POINT 2 The feedback I received from the Center for Writing Excellence is to check grammar. Need to change passive voice to an active voice in academic papers. The CWE suggested not using first and second party forms like ‘I’ and ‘you’. CWE suggested using clearer writing because some words were redundant. The peer reviewer thought my greatest strength in the paper was the conclusion. He or she said the paper shed some light on why this topic was important to me and I expressed a sound viewpoint. The peer reviewer said all information discussed in my paper fit the main point and it was relevant except for a couple of sentences. Feedback from the facilitator had only a few suggestions. The first suggestion was to make sure that my work flowed properly and to make sure that the last paragraph made sense with the rest of the paper. The facilitator said my paper was very compelling and informative; with good information and sources; and effective visuals.
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Checkpoint week 8 english - CHECK POINT 1 Check Point...

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