argument credibility wek 3

argument credibility wek 3 - small bias because they are...

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ARGUMENT CREDIBILITY 1 Argument Credibility Jaclyn Russo CRT/205 18:00:44 Juan Salazar
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ARGUMENT CREDIBILITY 2 I went to the link http:/ I watched the ad called Freezer. Wendy’s/Arby’s Group paid for the ad, they are the only investors. I do not really understand what a slant is. But the choice of words used conveyed the feeling of hunger. People will always go for fresh food over frozen food. I think the ad does reflect a lot about our society as a whole. We like to be able to get our food on the go and the fresher the better. I do not find it to be very credible. They are trying to sell something so they have personal gain. I am very skeptical of the sources’ credibility. Food comes to fast food places in freezer trucks in large amounts. It had to be frozen at some point. I worked there when I was young and all the meat was brought in frozen. It goes against my personal observations and background information. I detect a
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Unformatted text preview: small bias because they are trying to sell something so they will make it sound the best they can. All it state is that the meat is fresh and not frozen, but maybe the bias is a personal bias because there is personal gain involved. The ads claim is that their meat is fresh and not frozen. It plays into people’s desire for food and hunger. People have a love for fast food and fresh food. I think it is an existing desire to have fresh food. People already have a desire at times for fast food. They are making fast food sound even more tempting. The ad does not use admirable people. It does invoke the feeling of hunger. The only common situation is that most fast food is frozen and they are showing theirs to be fresh. I would not make a purchase based on the information presented because it does not make me believe....
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argument credibility wek 3 - small bias because they are...

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