exam3reviewspring11 - universe. Terms: 1. terrestrial...

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Exam 3 Review Key Concepts: 1. How do we detect planets around other stars, and what are they like? 2. What are the similarities and differences between the terrestrial and jovian planets? 3. What is the structure of the planets? What types of atmospheres do they have? How do the properties of the planets relate to one another? 4. What geological processes shape the surfaces of the terrestrial words and jovian moons? 5. What are the interesting facets of the moons and rings in the outer solar system? 6. What is an asteroid and where do they live? What is a comet and where do they live? How do planets, dwarf planets, and comets and asteroid differ? 7. What are the conditions we would look for in the solar system if were searching for life? Describe our efforts to contact intelligent life in the
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Unformatted text preview: universe. Terms: 1. terrestrial planet 2. jovian planet 3. extrasolar planet 4. core 5. mantle 6. crust 7. lithosphere 8. differentiation 9. heat transfer 10. conduction 11. convection 12. radiation 13. volcanism 14. tectonics 15. erosion 16. atmosphere 17. greenhouse effect 18. maria 19. tidal heating 20. Coriolis effect 21. comet 22. asteroid 23. Oort cloud 24. Kuiper belt 25. dwarf planet 26. nucleus 27. coma 28. plasma tail 29. dust tail Bodies to know something about 1. Mercury 2. Venus 3. Earth 4. Mars 5. Moon 6. Jupiter 7. Saturn 8. Uranus 9. Neptune 10. Io 11. Europa 12. Ganymede 13. Callisto 14. Titan 15. Triton 16. Enceladus 17. Pluto 18. Eris 19. Ceres...
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exam3reviewspring11 - universe. Terms: 1. terrestrial...

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