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finalreviewspring11 - 8 Binary star system 9 Protostar 10...

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AST 2002 Final Exam Review Sheet – Spring 2011 Again, this is not an entirely comprehensive list, so study your notes! Good luck!!! Concepts: 1. What are the important properties of stars? 2. Describe the life cycle of stars. How do stars of different masses live differently? 3. What are the different results of the deaths of stars of different masses? Describe the battle between gravity and pressure at the end of the lives of stars. 4. What are the various types of galaxies and how do they differ? 5. Describe the battle between the two main influences on the evolution of the universe as a whole. (gravity, expansion) What might be the eventual fate of the universe? Terms: 1. Nuclear fusion 2. Gravitational equilibrium 3. Neutrino 4. Positron 5. Brown dwarf 6. White dwarf 7. Luminosity
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Binary star system 9. Protostar 10. Main sequence 11. Red giant star 12. Supergiant star 13. Degeneracy pressure 14. Electron degeneracy 15. Neutron degeneracy 16. Shell fusion 17. Planetary nebula 18. Neutron star 19. Pulsar 20. Black Hole 21. Special Theory of Relativity 22. General Theory of Relativity 23. Event horizon 24. Schwarzschild radius 25. Nova 26. Type I supernova 27. Type II supernova 28. Spiral Galaxy 29. Elliptical galaxy 30. Irregular Galaxy 31. Galaxy cluster 32. Supercluster 33. Standard candle 34. Cepheid variable star 35. Dark matter 36. Dark energy 37. Rotation curve 38. Baryon 39. MACHO 40. WIMP 41. Open universe 42. Closed universe 43. Critical universe 44. Accelerating universe 45. Expansion 46. Olber’s paradox...
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finalreviewspring11 - 8 Binary star system 9 Protostar 10...

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