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lecture 11, mar 10 - Lecture 11 I Issues in support...

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Lecture 11 March 10, 2008 I. Issues in support research a. Source of support i. Spouse best for psychological health (intimate partner) 1. Someone who will listen and give you the feeling that you matter 2. Can help prevent psychological depression 3. Isn’t good for other things ii. Family and friend best for physical health 1. Instrumental support* (see previous lec) 2. Parents rely on kids for emotional support a. Over involved and depend on them b. Own needs satisfied by kids iii. Boss and co-worker best for problems of substance abuse and addiction 1. Alcohol abuse: see symptoms and performance at work will fall 2. Confrontation most effective: Give it up or your fired 3. Codependency: Families need a damaged family member so it distracts them from their problems b. Kind of support i. Hansell elderly study: lack of instrumental support predicted depression best ii. Government check support from Medicare iii. Looking at what kind of social support kept them health and happy 1. Many had problems with daily living
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2. Instrumental help was the best support but still needed that one person c. Characteristics of recipient of support i. Influence of how well it works ii. Have to be able to make use of support iii. Some can’t make us of support and cant accept that help 1. Schizophrenia: have problems with people helping them a. Paranoid and reject the one source of help
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lecture 11, mar 10 - Lecture 11 I Issues in support...

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