SYL624 - 1 AccountingandMIS624 AdvancedAccounting...

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1 Accounting and MIS 624 Advanced Accounting Summer, 2011 Instructor:   David E. Wallin [] Office: Fisher 446 Office Hours: 4:00pm – 5:50 pm T Th Telephone: 292-3291 Required Text: Advanced Accounting 1 st  edition, Cambridge Business Publishers ISBN:  978-1-934319-30-7 This   four-credit-hour   course   involves   “[a]ccounting   for   business   enterprises  emphasizing   business   combinations,   consolidated   financial   reporting,   foreign   currency  transactions   and   statement   translation   .   .   .”     This   course   requires   far   more   than  memorization of accounting techniques; it requires creative thinking.  Students must not  only learn the techniques presented both in the text and in class, they must combine them  to solve new problems.  The exams are designed as not just a measurement tool, but also a  learning experience.  Most exam problems will be a new challenge not previously seen in  class or homework.  However, a thorough knowledge of homework material is as essential  here as in any other class in accounting. A TTENDANCE :  Attendance is required for each of the exams.  Attendance at other times is at  the student’s discretion.  It should be noted that regular attendance is essential for optimal  performance, and the student is responsible for all material covered in class. H OMEWORK :  Homework will not be collected or graded.  Regular and thorough preparation  and   review   of   homework   is   an   essential   part   of   exam   preparation.     The   student   is  responsible for all material in assigned homework. G
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This note was uploaded on 08/06/2011 for the course AMIS 624 taught by Professor Wallin during the Summer '11 term at Ohio State.

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SYL624 - 1 AccountingandMIS624 AdvancedAccounting...

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