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EVALUATOR (IAB b or FACULTY b ): EML 4905 Senior Design Project Department of Mechanical Engineering Florida International University Miami, Florida EML 4905 Spring 2010 • EML 4551 Fall 2009 MINI TEAM PRESENTATIONS TO THE INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY BOARD January 14, 2010 Please enter your comments in the box immediately below each team. These comments will be made available to teams, and are important feedback for improvement. Team 1: Solar Stirling Engine for Power Generation Denisse Aranda, Kevin La Mott, Stephen Wood Team 6: SAE Aero Design East Competition Alan Abad, Hernando Buendia, David Garzon, Oscar Villatoro Team 10: A New Heat Engine and its Applications in Renewable Energy Bruno Barbosa, Hector Cintron, Glenn Drzewicki Team 14: Peristaltic Crawler for the Removal of Radioactive Plugs Lee Brady, Jose Matos, Brian Posse Team 13: New A/C System Using Refrigerants with Zero Global Warming Potential Javier Garcia, Najeeb Reyes, Jomal Whiteside
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Unformatted text preview: Team 3: Design of a Ring Seal Testbed Diana Chicuri, Daniel Garcia, Oswaldo Noriega EVALUATOR (IAB b or FACULTY b ): Team 11: Paddle Maker Design and Material Optimization Orena Danoa, Jorge Ramon, Nestor Vega Team 8: Material Test Bench for FEA/FEM Analysis Comparison Jeffrey Karpf, Yassel Valdes, Robert Vergara Team 2: Adaptation of a Small Scale Internal Combustion Engine to a Dynamometer Joseth Moreno, Leslie Paredes, Karina Santa Team 7: Cube Satellite Design Raimundo Onetto, Holger Paas, Homero Perez Team 12: Vortex Generator for Hydro Turbine Johnson Ng, Snehil Raisinghani, Karson Wong Team 4: Design of a Demonstration Unit for Ground Source Heat Pump for Subtropical Region with Solar Power Daniel Alonzo, Martha Casas, Esteban Cifuentes Team 5: Enhanced Hurricane Protection Jason Barrocas, Kevin Hernandez, Tanisha Richard Team 9: Compost Accelerator Jorge Ramirez, Stephano Salani, Eric Zuniga...
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