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EML 4905 Senior Design Project A B.S. THESIS PREPARED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INSERT PROJECT TITLE HERE Final Report Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Member 3 Advisor: Professor Name Lastname Month Day, Year This B.S. thesis is written in partial fulfillment of the requirements in EML 4905. The contents represent the opinion of the authors and not the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.
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Ethics Statement and Signatures The work submitted in this B.S. thesis is solely prepared by a team consisting of NAME1
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Unformatted text preview: LASTNAME1, NAME2 LASTNAME2, and NAME3 LASTNAME3 and it is original. Excerpts from others work have been clearly identified, their work acknowledged within the text and listed in the list of references. All of the engineering drawings, computer programs, formulations, design work, prototype development and testing reported in this document are also original and prepared by the same team of students. Name1 Lastname1 Team Leader Name2 Lastname2 Team Member Name3 Lastname3 Team Member Dr. Name Lastname Faculty Advisor...
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SeniorDesignReport-CoverPage-EthicsStatement-Signatures -...

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