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TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter Page Cover Page i Ethics Statement and Signatures ii Table of Contents iii List of Figures v List of Tables vi Abstract 1 1. Introduction 2 1. Problem Statement 2 2. Motivation 3 3. Literature Survey 5 4. Discussion 6 2. Project Formulation 1. Overview 2. Project Objectives 3. Design Specifications 4. Constraints and Other Considerations 5. Discussion 3. Design Alternatives 1. Overview of Conceptual Designs Developed 2. Design Alternate 1 3. Design Alternate 2 4. Design Alternate 3 5. Feasibility Assessment 6. Proposed Design 7. Discussion 4. Project Management 1. Overview 2. Breakdown of Work into Specific Tasks 3. Organization of Work and Timeline (Timeline for Senior Design Organization and Senior Design time frame) 4. Breakdown of Responsibilities Among Team Members (Indicate Each Member’s Major and Support Roles for Each Task) 5. Patent/Copyright Application
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6. Commercialization of the Final Product 7. Discussion 5. Engineering Design and Analysis 1. Kinematic Analysis and Animation
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SeniorDesignReport-TableofContents-SAMPLE - TABLE OF...

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