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Style Guide for Technical Report Writing • Sabri Tosunoglu, Ph.D. 1 STYLE GUIDE FOR TECHNICAL REPORT WRITING Sabri Tosunoglu, Ph.D. Department of Mechanical Engineering Florida International University Miami, Florida GENERAL Your goal as an engineer is to write technical reports that are formal, logically organized and easy to read and understand. Normally the reader does not know anything about your report. You need to explain what you have done step by step in a logical sequence. Title should capture the essence in a few words. Abstract should describe the entire work in a few hundred words (usually one paragraph). Use formal language and prefer the tone used in textbooks. Even the opinions should be stated in a formal, neutral tone. Make sure sentences are structured correctly and each sentence has a meaning and a message. If a sentence does not read well or is cumbersome, do not hesitate to rewrite it. Avoid long sentences. Even if they are logically correct, the meaning gets lost when too many phrases and conditions are put together. Make sure that your report (or anything you write as an engineer) is free of grammatical errors. Even a simple grammatical error will distract the reader, reflect poorly on you, and you will lose credibility in the eyes of the reader. Do not use phrases such as: I did this, we did that Let’s talk about this Like (prefer “such as”) Avoid simplifications in formal writing; for example: Avoid “don’t,” use “do not” Avoid “didn’t,” use “did not” Avoid “won’t,” use “will not,” and so on. Write as if all the work has been completed even if it is not the case yet. Revision of such manuscript will
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StyleGuideforTechnicalReportWriting - STYLE GUIDE FOR...

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