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Unformatted text preview: EML 4551 • Ethics and Senior Design Organization • Spring 2011 d Florida International University • Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering • Miami SENIOR DESIGN ORGANIZATION PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS Spring 2011 MINI CLASS BATTLEBOT Team 5: Jaime Franco, Aron Rasool, Joseph Villamor Our team has chosen to build a robotic platform and enter the competition known as “BattleBots.” In this competition, teams build robots th at attempt to destroy and/or disable an h opposing team’s robot. We believe that by participat ing in the BattleBots competition, our team can gain valuable engineering experience. We al so believe that our involvement in this competition will bring a great deal of recognition to Florida International University. We will be one of the few teams from this university to enter “Batt leBots.” When building our robot there are many technical aspects that must be taken into account. Some of the technical challenges that we will face inclu de (1) designing and building a cooling system and a vibration and shock dampening syste m for the robot’s various electronic components, (2) designing and building a system that will allow us to remotely control the robots’ various movements, (3) selecting appropriate materials that will allow the robot to withstand all of the impacting forces that it will be subjected to, and (4) programming and implementing software that will allow the robot to oper ate quickly and efficiently. We also plan to integrate global design concepts into the platform development. As future engineers, we realize the importance of creating de signs that incorporate the values and understandings of many different cultures. We plan to investigate how the software for our t o robot can be designed in a way that allows for modula rity and ease of implem mentation which would allow anyone to access it and be able to tailor it t o their needs. Specifically, we plan to write the code in a program ming language that is commonly used around the world and make this code easy to understa nd by including appropriate comments and proper syntax. Since the robot will be one that is de signed to cause damage in an offensive and defensive manner, we plan to explore how these capabilities could be applied to military applications around the world. This may include inves stigating the robot’s ability to get past and/or destroy debris and other obstacles. EML 4551 • Ethics and Senior Design Organization • Spring 2011 Florida International University • Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering • Miami The modularity of our design will allow the robot to be easily adapted to alternative terrain (sand, gravel, etc.). Finally, we plan to design and build the robot in a style that would allow individuals, who are interested in this subject, to be able to learn from our methods and practices. We plan on documenting each part analysis and cost of materials in such a way that future students will be able to follow as a guide for their projects. We also hope to create a user’s manual that is available in different languages. We believe that this project will be a valuable undertaking that will allow us to gain important engineering experience. We will also learn to function as a team and find ways to utilize each member’s strengths to create a finished product that functions properly and is a strong and respected competitor for rival teams. This project is very important to us and we plan to work very diligently so that we may represent our school and ourselves in a way that brings the approval of our instructors and peers. ...
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