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Unformatted text preview: EML 4551 • Ethics and Senior Design Organization • Spring 2011 d Florida International University • Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering • Miami SENIOR DESIGN ORGANIZATION PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS Spring 2011 VERTICAL WIND TUNNEL (VWT) FOR SKYDIVING Team 6: Alexis Anchundia, Jorge Botero, Freddy Leal Skydiving involves freefall jumps from aircrafts. The airf low speed o 120 mph is reached, from of an altitude of 3000 to 13000 feet. The period of time varies from 40 to 60 seconds, and prices range from $190 to $300 per individual jump. Our sen ior design project is to develop a 16 ft diameter Vertical Wind Tunnel, which is 2 ft bigger in diameter than the largest one available in the market. This VWT is a perfect alternative to skyd iving, because it recreates a minimum airflow speed of 125 mph with flight periods of 120 sec onds. This project is very attractive, not only for its applications but also because it generates economical profit, since the prices are $140 less than the actual skydiving experience. The vertical wind tunnel is a modified version of a horizontal wind tunnel a tool used in l; aerodynamic research. A VWT has to be able to recreate airflow over 120 mph, which is the e minimum airspeed reached in a normal freefall from an aircraft. Simulation software will run to demonstrate the functionality of the design which is meant to have a 16 ft diameter test chamber. Actual designs have test chambers up to 14 ft diameter, which allow 4 people on a single flight. Increasing the diameter of the test chambe r to 16 ft would allow up to 8 people on a single flight. A scaled prototype of this design will be developed in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the system will not be affected due to changes applied t o the tunnel’s structure. Equipment and material selection will be considered during the proc ess, including material and equipment analysis of previous VWT indoor designs. A simulation software program will be run on the prototype in order to complete the aerodynamic stand ard requested and to complete a fluid computational analysis, to verify that the design specific ations are meet. This design will be developed for two applications: First for entertainment, where an individual or groups will be able to have a freefall adventure; and second for training, where professional d skydivers will be able to have platform without the freefall time limitations. EML 4551 • Ethics and Senior Design Organization • Spring 2011 Florida International University • Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering • Miami This senior design team intends to develop a design whose construction processes will be simple to follow in different countries. Availability and accessibility of key parts of the design will be taken into consideration during the design phase. For example, if the proposed design is built in Europe, it may be easier to purchase fans that are manufactured in Europe, rather than in the United States. This aspect will not only reduce the cost of shipping, but it will also reduce the cost of maintenance. Our senior design team will incorporate the following aspects into the proposed design: 1. A multi‐lingual manual. 2. The use of different unit systems. 3. The use of graphical warnings. On safety, the flight area or test chamber will have a security net at the bottom which keeps skydivers in a secure location. For inexperienced, first‐time flyers, an instructor will be present to assist the skydiver during the fly. Moreover, safety glasses and helmets will be provided at the location. ...
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