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T7-2011Spring-SeniorDesignOrg-ProjectSummary - d Spring2011...

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EML 4551 Florida Int OPTIMI Team 7: Bulk Pac FIBC’s, to material cement a a Bag Fil they hav As of righ they wan Our prop while fill workers The curre manually who has Our team extractio the speci The Bag decrease Machine tons of pressure • Ethics and S ternational Un SENIO IZATION O Carlos Bank kaging Syste o handle the in certain and construc ling Station e been havin ht now, Tita nt to increas posed senior ing, and to can work on ent design o y placed on to wait for t m develope on of the for ified design Filling Statio es efficiency s they have material, ro valve. Senior Design O iversity • Dep OR DESIGN OF BULK PA ks, Rafael Me ems utilize e products b cases. The ction produc that is man ng issues in n America is e this by 30% r design proj add an add n two Bag Fil of the grappl and off. Thi the bags to s d three alte rk lift handle goals. on Titan Am y because it in storage a oughly half Organization partment of M ORGANIZ Sp ACKAGING estril, Winto Flexible Inte being produc company T
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