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Team 07 CubeSat

Team 07 CubeSat - Cube Satellite Design Cube A senior...

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Unformatted text preview: Cube Satellite Design Cube A senior design presentation by: Raimundo Onetto Holger Paas Homero Perez Problem Statement Problem Optimize cost of the Optimize Mechanical Design in a CubeSat. CubeSat. Integrate several Integrate Engineering Disciplines in one project. one Mechanical Engineering Mechanical aspects designed, tested and programmed in conjunction with FIU’s CubeSAT Team. CubeSAT Provide a stable and safe Provide structure to support the payloads of a CubeSat for affordable research in the future. future. Satellite Architecture Satellite Design Responsibilities Design Structural Design Thermal Analysis Attitude Control & Determination System Structural Design Structural Specification Length x Height x Width Weight Structural Materials Center of Mass Rails Length Operating Speed Operating Altitude Average Magnetic Field Value 10 x 10 x 10 (cm) 1 (kg) 7075 or 6061-T6 (Al) Within 1” of Geometric Center 13.5 (cm) ~7.5 (km/s) 700 (km) 30,000 (nT) Vibration, stress, Vibration, effective shelving and access panel design analysis and optimization. optimization. Structural Design Concepts Concepts Different design Different concepts analyzed. concepts Commercially Commercially available parts, manufacturing and assembly. assembly. Cost is the main Cost design constrain. design Thermal Analysis Thermal Extreme changes in Extreme temperature occur as the satellite revolves around the earth. Critical components in the system are sensitive temperature changes and require an independent heating or cooling solution. solution. Solar Flare Copper Heat Sink Attitude Control & Determination Determination ACDS controls the pitch, yaw and roll of the ACDS satellite based on the instant parameters the satellite is experiencing. satellite Stabilizing the satellite is important for the Stabilizing communications and integrity of the circuits. communications ACDS Design Concepts ACDS Determination: Magnetometer. GPS. Accelerometers. Sun Sensor. Control: Coils. Gyroscopes. Passive magnets. Spin Stabilization. Design Process Design • Attitude vectorial analysis and design • Space conditions analysis (thermal phases, radiation, collisions) • Structural prototyping and assembly of parts Develop and debug attitude control and determination program (written in C) for main CPU (BeagleBoard) • Run physical tests on components Collisions testing environment Operating temperatures of circuits tests Magnetic and accelerations testing Final Analysis Final A CubeSat needs all CubeSat types of engineering disciplines working in a team. team. The design of the ACDS, The thermal and structure analysis must be done by MEs. by Designing a test unit Designing with the appropriate parameters to run tests on it is the next step. on The End The ...
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