10_cm_comm_analysis_ - ASSESSMENT OF COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES Page 1 chkit\efficom Communication Advantages Drawbacks Comments Method 1 Face to

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Unformatted text preview: ASSESSMENT OF COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES 08/07/2011 Page 1 chkit\efficom.xls Communication Advantages Drawbacks Comments Method 1. Face to face Road Shows A mobile communications - Interactive, promotes involvement - Costly It is important to involve employees as much as event which is used to promote - Direct - Difficult to organize possible in road shows to encourage local buy-in or launch a new initiative - Interesting - Requires lengthy lead-time and increase credibility. Avoid over-hyping - Immediate feedback - Requires credible presenters the event, otherwise it will be seen to be over the - Fast, high impact top and a waste of money. - Consistent, prepared messages Good for Regional Offices - Reaches wide target audience Workshops Smaller, more active group - Interactive, promotes involvement - High cost per head Workshops are particularly suitable for middle sessions involving typically 10 - - Interesting, promotes discussion - Difficult to organize management groups to encourage attitude and 20 people, and used to generate - Communication in all directions - Requires lengthy lead-time behavior change. Make sure you carefully select ideas, encourage attitude and - Provide forum for lateral communication - Medium to high risk as return on investment is the mix of participants and the session is well behavior change - Good for formulating messages for difficult to gauge & success far from guaranteed facilitated and highly interactive. Excellent for upward communication identifying barriers to success. Local Action Teams (LATs) Implementation of communication - Positioned locally - Extra resources required with a Involve employees as much as possible in the local plans at local sites by a- Local issues are dealt with cost implication action teams. LAT's will also be involved in team of on-site representatives quickly and by a familiar face problem solving during the feedback and - Local resources available for- Added layer in communication evaluation phase. collating and assimilating hierarchy which is more costly information and run risk of message being Good for Regional Offices- Communications are viewed as distorted to suit local audience 'friendly' rather than managerial Conferences Large set piece conference is often - Large target audience - Costly Ensure that the conference program offers a good used to launch a change - Uniform message delivered - One-way, not interactive (unless Q & A) mixture of communication and that presentations are program where attendance...
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10_cm_comm_analysis_ - ASSESSMENT OF COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES Page 1 chkit\efficom Communication Advantages Drawbacks Comments Method 1 Face to

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