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Unformatted text preview: 1 of 123 Business Process Master List (BPML) Introduction and Samples INTRODUCTION Implementation Team Training Business Workshops Business Variant Documentation Configuration Management Gap Analysis Test Management Security planning and management Roles and End User Training planning See the BPML Management Guide.ppt in the EI Toolkit for additional detail. EITK0604 The Business Process Master List (BPML) is a key tool for use in implementations to capture the scope of the project, drive the planning and managing of configuration and testing. It is an excel worksheet which is maintained as the repository of ALL business scenarios, processes (as well as relevant master data) and transactions that are 'in scope' for the project, is maintained throughout the Realization and Final Prep phases and supports other key activities such as change management and security. The BPML structure is a hierarchy of rows reflecting the modules, scenarios, processes and transactions that have been identified as 'in scope' during the Detailed Requirements (or Blueprinting) Phase. The columns provide the references (and potentially links) at the transaction level as well as drive the configuration and testing cycles. Further references may be made to user roles and profiles driving training, documentation and security planning and management. The concept, information captured and use of the BPML is applicable to all COTS implementations. For SAP specific projects, the excel file is 'generated' from the scope defined in the Q&A database used by the ASAP Methodology during teh Blueprint Phase. For all other COTS projects, the hierarchy structure may or may not exist as process models or other scope templates (from the vendor or system integrator). If a structure exists it can be copied into excel rows. If a structure does not exist, it will need to be entered manually. Once populated in excel - the work paper can be leveraged in driving and supporting key project activities such as: The worksheets included in this file are a representative subset from an actual industry implementation. The sample data reflects the Sales and Distribution module, but additional content would typically reflect the same structure and appropriate content for the scope being implemented from each module. Based on Latin American Operations of Large US Consumer Products Company Commercial Industry Company #2 PROJECT- 4.6C SALES DISTRIBUTION Version April 19,2001 EI Toolkit Document Version 1.0, April 2001 2 of 123 Business Process Master List 4.6 Links Responsibilities Baseline Final Area Scenario Group Process Business Process Procedure BPP CI Code Type Consultant Owner Scope C1 Sales and Distribution x Master Data x Business Partners x Sold to x XD01 x XD02 x Display (Centrally) XD03 x Carrier as Customers XD01 XD02 Display (Centrally) XD03 Ship to Create (Sales) VD01 Change (Sales) VD02 Display (Sales) VD03 Bill to Create (Sales) V-04 Change (Sales) VD02 Display (Sales) VD03 Payer Create (Centrally)...
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bpml_master_list - 1 of 123 Business Process Master...

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