Lecture seven , Feb 21

Lecture seven , Feb 21 - Lecture 7: Feb 21, 2008 I. EXAM...

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Lecture 7: Feb 21, 2008 EXAM MONDAY: 2/25 I. On exam a. Plague: rough dates b. Rosenhon’s Studies i. Question: Study said… c. Infant Mortality d. Need to get notes for epidemiology: aids and others II. Psychosomatic research: looks at how individual psychology affects their soma or health a. Psychological characteristics influence health or illness i. Emotions can affect health b. Personality concepts linked to illness through i. Definition and measurement 1. How it is defined? ii. Etiology 1. How does it actually affect our health? iii. Treatment Interventions 1. How can we change or treat these problems? III. Type A Coronary Prone Behavior Pattern a. Discovery: rosenmon and freemen (cardiologists), discovered TYPE A i. One waiting room for Heart Attacks (TYPE A) 1. Furniture took a beating 2. Patients never sat back and would sit on edge of chair and couldn’t stop moving ii. One waiting room for other Heart disease (TYPE B) 1. Not as much damage
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2. Sit back in chair and would be more relaxed iii. Whole behavior different between patients b. Definition: action on emotion complexes i. Competitive achievement orientation 1. Type A’s are achievement driven a. Work harder: business, athletes gov’t, and professors ii. Sense of time urgency 1. Short of time, Type As shows up on time 2. Type Bs are more relaxed iii. Excessive hostility (most important)
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Lecture seven , Feb 21 - Lecture 7: Feb 21, 2008 I. EXAM...

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