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Air Force Mentor – Protégé Program Questions on the NIBCO Case (These questions are for preparation prior to class. They will form the basis for discussion in class. Please review the questions below and read the case “NIBCO’s Big Bang.” Document your responses/ideas. We will use these questions to guide the discussion and analysis in class.) In participating in a case study class, you are always asked you to place yourselves “in the shoes” of the key decision-maker. You pretend to be that person, making decisions in the same organizational context, and at the same point in time as the key decision-maker. 1. In this case it seems that you will be a composite of three people. Who are they (you)? During which time period are you making your decisions? Why do you think NIBCO decided to make three people simultaneously responsible for the project? Is this a good idea? 2. What were NIBCO’s strategic goals for the ERP implementation? What systems were they using prior to the ERP, and what are they hoping to achieve by moving to ERP? How big
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