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Sheet1 Page 1 ADV 3320 FINAL EXAM GUIDE The Final Exam will have two parts. The first will be a take-home answer to ONE of the following questions in approximately one page, typed double-spaced. The other section will be approximately 25 multiple choice and true/false questions drawn from earlier in the semester, the last three textbook chapters, and timeline presentations last week. Both sections of the final will be open book/open notes, however smart phones, laptops, and similar electronics will not be allowed. We are hoping you do very well on your final, which will be given Saturday May 7 from 10:30am-1pm in MCOM 111. 1. In the Epilogue of our textbook, Juliann Sivulka writes, “ As advertising has grown and prospered over the centuries, no single insititution has played a greater role in both reflecting and shaping American life.‡ Do you
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Unformatted text preview: agree? Why or why not? Include at least one example as evidence to support your argument. 2. Throughout the semester we have considered government regulation of advertising and industry self-regulation. Make a case for whether you think outside regulation is ever appropriate, using at least one example from the last three chapters of the textbook (since 1975). 3. In one of our outside readings, author Greg Dickinson made two rhetorical claims that corporate marketers made in their ads after 9/11. Briefly discuss these two claims and give your opinion on how the American public might respond to similar business practices following a future crisis....
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