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MCOM 3320 Spring, 2010 Exam #3 Review Familiarize yourselves with the concepts presented in class regarding each chapter in the Parkinson text that we covered since the second exam; I have included a topical list below. Also, refer back to the cases and Acts discussed in class and listed immediately below, and think about what they stand for and why they are particularly significant. Cases we discussed: Times v. Sullivan Rosenblatt v. Baer Red Kimono Case Lyon v. Adgraphics Holiday Inn case (apparent agency example) Bolger v. Young’s Drug Products Corp. Nike, Inc. v. Kasky Virginia State Board of Pharmacy case Central Hudson case Acts we discussed: Lanham Act Children’s Television Act of 1990 Chapters and topics in the Parkinson text we discussed: 9 – Defamation Libel Slander Actual Malice Private Citizen v. Public Official/Public Figure Apparent Government Authority Test Independent Public Interest Test Fair Comment Defense Immunity Retraction Statutes of Limitation Publication of Private Facts False Light Appropriation Intrusion
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MCOM3320S'10Exam_3Review[1][1] - MCOM 3320 Spring 2010...

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