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The US Federal Courts

The US Federal Courts - Em caaa m8”.fl “mama oocnm...

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Unformatted text preview: Em caaa m8”? ...fl...,.- “mama. oocnm .. . amx>m mq>qm occxa m<mqmzn mxmacwm 0% mw>m3mzamu nocaa mnqcnficmm u acwfi.o_m _m<m_m z\w: awn: ”.ma tram aw_mcmn>amu= mccwmam nocwn Clam—u «Al—mm 2.35.“. 8...: i Mi ..i g... . 5. 95: 2. >82: a ”as... 9.8., 9:: 15.8.. . 5. n8: 2 5.8.12 9. «an». 92: 0833 O... «3E Fm. 0.313 g 853 f .85». 9.52. am. 33:85 95» . Fm. 09!» 0‘ 53:89.91. «.85. :28: 85:. 28 93» 9.3.3.. 9.3.9 in 3992. fig: .nirqanmaaarrssxnxiss genial-...»!!!— =h;g.9:: . c.m. mmamflm_\zmamo:m. nocan m<mfimau mxmaowm ofl nozmor_a>amu ~qumm-nwmama_ nocnfi mflacnwcam zswnz Mm asmonmflwnm__< mHmo aczmmmmca flmummxm z\ozm <omnm_ ...... 58%;”... _.,.,.u1.u.ld..§§. I LIPQCECCIfiI) ESTFJXUCIEES C3C)bJE§1?]ECFIJTCIE<DEQ £31KESJICZ IZJIC;}{?P£5 FIRST AMENDMENT . Freedom to practice religion Freedom'from establishment of religion Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Freedom of assembly Freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances O‘MkUNr—n . . . . . FOURTH AMENDMENT 1. Ban on unreasonable searches and seizures 2. Right to privacy (source is many Amendments & Common Law) FIFTH AMENDMENT 1. Right to grand jury indictment for capital or otherwise infamous crime ‘ _ 2. Right against double jeopardy 3. Right against self‘incrimination . 4. Ban on the taking of life, liberty or property without due process of law 5. Right against the taking of private property for public use without just compensation SIXTH AMENDMENT Right to a speedy and public trial Right to impartial‘jury Right to be informed of nature and cause of the accusation against an accused . Right to be confronted with witnesses against accused Right to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses for oneself . Right to assistance of counsel 0 e o O\ in» UN!— 2mm manners?~ 1. Ban on excesyive bail 2. ‘Ban on cruel and unusual punishment FOURTRENTR AMENDHENT 1. Right to privileges and immunities of citizens 2. Right to due process from state 3. Right to equal protection of the laws ...
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