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Homework 4 PHZ 5156 Due Tuesday, October 10 1. Prove that the Rodrigues’ formula generates the Legendre polynomials (i.e. the solutions to the Legendre equation). Begin by defining, v = ( x 2 - 1) l and first find dv dx and then multiply by the result by x 2 - 1 to get the equation ( x 2 - 1) dv dx
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Unformatted text preview: = 2 lxv Differentiate this equation l +1 times using Leibniz’ rule (page 771) to show that d l v dx l is a solution to the Legendre equation. 2. Problem 12.3.3 Arfken and Weber 3. Problem 12.3.6 Arfken and Weber 4. Problem 12.4.4 Arfken and Weber 1...
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