Lecture Eight, Feb 28

Lecture Eight, Feb 28 - Lecture Eight Feb 28 I...

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Lecture Eight; Feb 28 I. Psychosomatic-psychological stress causes physical illness a. Voodoo death: in carribbean i. Curses: death curse (very rare) 1. Reported incidences are less than 5 2. They believe they are cursed and will die 3. People stop eating and drinking a. Can’t survive for more than 3 or 4 days without water b. Heart can’t keep up because blood is so thick c. Have a heart attack II. Somatopsychic – physical illness causes psychological illness a. Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) psychosis i. More common ii. Influence out come of medical procedures 1. One of the arteries is clogged by grease 2. Use artery from leg placed instead 3. Very invasive (most invasive) a. Must crack chest iii. Temporary insanity is one of the side effects 1. They prepare you ahead of time and only lasts a few days 2. People become very paranoid 3. Can give antidepressants III. Long Tradition of psychosomatic research a. 1 st stage- stimulus based definitions of stress i. Case Studies focused on situations assumed to stress everyone
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1. Loss of loved one, accident, disease 2. Different occupations expose you to different levels of stress a. Most stressful job: Air Traffic Controller (keeps planes separated) i. Sometimes accidents happen ii. In Chicago 10 ppl died because a controller left out one word (22yrs old) 1. Unemployed and now is under mental illness a. High rate of suicide b. 2/3 at O’Hare have ulcers at age 44 i. Depression, smoking, drinking, anxiety iii. Like to take risks 1. Controller goes crazy b. Tax account is also very stressful
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Lecture Eight, Feb 28 - Lecture Eight Feb 28 I...

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