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misc - 3 Any earlier edition of Arfken will be fine I will...

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Miscellaneous Items PHZ 5156 Thursday, August 24 1. The course webpage, which will have homeworks, exercises, helpful links, is at: http://physics.ucf.edu/ schellin/teaching/phz5156.html 2. The book should be in the bookstore sometime soon, and it is a helpful reference that I encourage you to buy. However, it is online so in principle you can avoid buying it. Here is the link: http://library.lanl.gov/numerical/bookfpdf.html A link will be made on the class web page.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Any earlier edition of Arfken will be fine. I will rarely follow the book closely. Other mathematical methods books are likely to work as well. I might choose prob-lems from Arfken, however, for homework sets. 4. Computer projects should be handed in as a group. Written homework is to be done individually although it is understood that you will interact with others. 1...
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