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7252635 - Why is necessary to pelletize the solid sample...

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Why is necessary to pelletize the solid sample for combustion? Will be it more combustible? Combustion means oxidation reaction of a compound (usually fuel) with excess supply of oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. The process is always exothermic; hence large amount of energy is released during the process. It is very clear that this process is a surface phenomenon, as combustion process takes place at the surface of the object. There fore more the amount of surface area, more will be the rate of combustion. When we pelletize a sample, for example when we cut a big log to small pieces, the surface area of the log that is the combusting area increases. There fore the cut pieces of the log catches more fire than the uncut log. Thus the rate of combustion is always more for pelletized sample than the bulk sample. Thus we can conclude that as the surface area increases, the rate of the surface process increases.
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